This is a book about love. It is about how enduring familial love can be, even when relationships are complicated and infuriating. This is a book about how much self-love it takes to support and care for those we love, especially when doing those things feels impossible. All Will Be Well is about overcoming fear in order to live with acceptance, and still finding beauty and laughter in the midst of what is sometimes unbearably hard.

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About Kim Fowler

“The high desert puts me back together again and calls me forth to write.”

My generative writing space is the Southwest. Many works were spawned in a lone cabin atop a mesa outside of Moab, Utah. The exposed beauty of that landscape leads me deep into my passions and fears, into my belly of slot canyons and high dares, and toward insights from expansive, sun fired views. I arrive at the cabin cracked open by life. The high desert puts me back together again and calls me forth to write.

I am pulled to write about the beauty in the land and in the spirit of humans struggling, celebrating their movement through this life. In my writing and my coaching I want to get to know what breathes below the surface that is waiting to be heard, that offers us riddles to be deciphered through dreams and visions. There is power in transparency.

This book is a transparent journey into the changing relationship between me and my parents as a result of Mom’s stroke and devolving into dementia. It is about the damage of secrets held too long and the healing that is possible through their release. It is a similar yet different story, as are all stories of caring for loved ones with dementia.

If we are persistent in creating the conversations that our families usually run from, if we are vulnerable, if we lean into our friends, and if we love ourselves as much as we love the ones we care for, we find our way and may help our family and loved one find theirs.

What People Are Saying!

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In extremely compelling words and very personal terms, Kim Fowler conveys the story of her family’s journey to assist her mother during her developing condition of dementia. While Kim’s story is at once unique it also is one that so many families across the country and the world now must face. In telling her tale, Kim brings significant light to the concerns of a daughter now faced with the new role of caretaker for her parent. Kim’s is a touching and moving account.

Harry J. Elam, Jr.

President, Occidental College

Beautiful memoir, filled with wisdom, humor, and compassion, for herself and her parents. Vulnerable self-insights, especially as she and her father struggle to support each other and their failing loved one. Beautifully crafted, with a strong yet vulnerable voice.

Rosemary Gerber


Title: All Will Be Well
Subtitle: A Memoir of Love and Dementia
Author: Kim Fowler
Page count: 182 pp
Dimensions: 6” W x 9” H
Publisher: Lizardsong Press
ISBN: 978-1-4951-7757-6

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Kim E. Fowler


Thank you for taking an interest in my work. As a coach, I help my clients understand the voice and influence of what lies within so that they can hear its wisdom and reveal their secrets to themselves. Transparency is power.

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